The Agentia Managed Account-Based Solutions were born after a group of highly experienced financial advisors became increasingly discontent about the costs and inefficiencies associated with existing investment platforms and research providers.  We needed to find a better way of investing.

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A better way

Heavy administration burden, lack of investment transparency, high fees and large distributions of realised capital gains were some of the issues that prompted the team to investigate and develop a better way to invest client funds.

The Beginning

At the beginning of the journey, the people behind what would become Agentia made a commitment to thinking differently, challenging outdated investment models and developing new and innovative product solutions that would promote both investment and administrative efficiency, significantly reduce administration time and investment costs and improve client engagement and investment outcomes.

The Vision

They had a vision of replacing model portfolios that were developed by financial advisers and or their AFS Licensee which were often based on out of date investment research.  These models were very slow to react to changes in investment markets and as a result often placed client funds at risk of capital loss, poor performance or being frozen.   These portfolios had to be managed and updated by the financial adviser using an SoA or RoA after consultation with the client.  It could take a significant amount of time and resources to achieve these changes and this was actually a disincentive to act.  The whole process was or is inefficient and time consuming and creates significant risk management issues.   

The Solution

Transform the model portfolios into Managed Investment Schemes that would be monitored and maintained constantly by highly skilled investment analysts that would review portfolios at a stock or security level rather than at a fund manager level.

Employ best of breed investment managers and use the most efficient, cost effective and liquid investment structures to build investment portfolios based around a client’s risk profile or a stated investment objective.

Make changes to investment models across all client portfolios at the same time to improve investment outcomes and reduce risks for the investor and the adviser.

Use scale to reduce fund manager and platform administration costs.


Since 2011

By 2011 the team had developed its first multi-manager product, the Agentia Australian Equity Multi-Manager. Since 2011, Agentia has increased its offer by developing a further 12 diversified multi-manager investment options.

The Investment Philosophy

1. Constantly monitor whether the forward-looking return from each portfolio is consistent with our stated investment objectives

2. Seek to ensure that the risks associated with the portfolios are acceptable and well communicated to our investors

3. Look for new investment opportunities to enhance the performance of each multi-manager investment model

Forward Thinking Alliances

Since establishment, Agentia SMA has formed alliances with some of the most forward-thinking IT and investment providers in the marketplace to provide all necessary analytics to aid smart decision making.

Together with these industry partners, the team continues to innovate and develop solutions that meet the needs of the modern investor and enhance the value proposition of the trusted adviser.